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[73] Community Service Name:Kazuya Ohashi NEW! Date:2017/11/19(日) 20:05 
I agree with the idea that high school requires to participate in community service. I have some reasons for that. Let me explain why I think so.

First, today, young people are less interested in community and tend to avoid interacting with their neighbors. However, we cannot live without cooperation with people in our community. For example, natural environment around them such as rivers should be kept clean so that those who are in the community live comfortably. For doing so, not some of them but all of them should work together. If high school introduces community-service classes, they become good chance for students there to communicate with those who are in their community. Students may find it fine to work for their own community with them.

Second, today, high school students are busy studying for examinations or joining at club activities, so it is difficult for them to get experience to work as a member of society. The experience will be very helpful when they work in their future. For example, in school, we interact with those who are almost as old as we, but we should work with those who are older or younger people in the future. I think it is good to interact with people in different generations in our high school days. By offering the opportunities to participate in community, they can obtain good experience.

Therefore, I think it is a good idea that community-service classes are introduced as part of the curriculum in high school.

[72] Community Service Name:Hiroki Matsubara Date:2017/11/19(日) 02:07 
I agree with this idea. Some countries take in some community services. Please let me explain why I think Japan should take in this idea.
First, today, young people are not interested in community or government. Therefore, the community or government should give them a chance that experience these services. If we start to do this, the young come to be interested in them and to come to contribute to the society. For example, if we must take part in the Environmental Conservancy Corps and realize that keeping the earth is very hard and important, we come not to throw trashes away.
Second, if we experience them, we can get many abilities which are not able to be got without the experience. For example, military obligation makes our bodies and spirits stronger and let us learn exact hierarchical relationship. Thanks to this obligation, when we cannot do something well, we don’t give up and can challenge many times with our strong heart.
Third, these services enable us to communicate with various people. As you know, there are also various people in the university, but they are in similar economic level. In contrast, in these services there are various people including adults. Students have a few chances that they can communicate with adults. Therefore, this experience enables us talk to adults well and when we become adults and start to work, we can do it well because of the communication skills.
For these reasons, I think Japan give the students many chances.

[71] Community Service Name:Shutarou Kurose Date:2017/11/18(土) 23:18 
I agree with the idea that high school students should take part in volunteer community-service programs. I have two reasons for thinking so. Let me why I support this idea.

First, students can be useful to society. Many kinds of jobs are required in our society. Some of them are lack of workers.If high school students take part in the programs and work for such places, they can contribute to society. Recently, the number of young people has been decreasing. Students should work for society in order to sustain our social system.

Second, community services enable students to increase their ability. In the first place, high school students do not know what is "to work", let alone how a job affects our society. If they actually take part in a community service, they will know and be interested in our social system. Moreover, some students may want to get a job related to the service they participate in. This is a very good motivation to study. It is a pity that many students do not understand why they study. Students who work for community services can study hard. Students should take part in social system so that they study actively.

As the above account suggests, I support the idea that high school students should take part in volunteer community-service programs. Students working for society contributes to both social development and increasing students' motivation. This program is very valuable, so I think community-service program should be introduced in Japan.

[70] Community service Name:Shunsuke Nakagawa Date:2017/11/18(土) 16:22 
I agree with this idea. It is important to require to take part in community service. Let me explain why I think.
First, students can experience and learn about various things through community or government service. It is because they can talk with the local people who have a precious experience which have never done and I don’t speak to in everyday life. There are few opportunities to learn about social activity in school life. Therefore, the majority of young people may be surprised by the differences between school life and real community. It is true that not all students are willing to conduct community services. However, community services will probably give the chance to get interested in social activities and society to those who take the services even if they do not think about it. It seems for me that it will be a good stimulus for these people. Therefore, I think that requiring to take part in community service is good ideas.
Second, the social activities would be a great help for the society which needs more help. Today most students have too much to do, which means that they have classes and after school they attend to their club activities or go to a cram school or a library to study more and adult workers are busy in daytime. This is why the service is necessary. It will help to meet the need of the society.
In conclusion, I support the ideas which students require the community service activity.

[69] Community Service Name:Daiki Ando Date:2017/11/17(金) 22:52 
I completely disagree with the opinion. Although this might be beneficial for the whole society, I think it is an extreme idea for student. I have two reasons for my disagreement.

First, such community service should be conducted by those who are willing to do because it is a kind of volunteer work. Some young people will be reluctant, so their performance quality of the public services will be so terrible. When I was a junior high school student, I had a similar experience. At that time, we had to clean our classroom or places which we were in charge of in turn. As you can guess, those places were not so clean because we did the cleaning unwillingly. Therefore, what people are compelled or required to do would not go well, rather people who have a strong will to contribute to the community should do it voluntarily.

Second, people who still go to school should have freedom. Some people may become a working member of the society, and others may prepare their skills or knowledge for working in the world through the university or college. As a university student, I don’t want to perform community service because I managed to enter this university by hard studying. Young people may also make effort to gain their way which they wanted to go. If my school should impose the performance of the community service on the students, most of them would be so resentful.

In conclusion, I don’t think the requirement of performance in the community service will work well.

[68] Community Service Name:YURI Ishizu MAIL Date:2017/11/17(金) 15:49 
I agree that high school students take part in community-service programs. Let me offer three reasons to support my opinion.
First, such programs will give them good opportunities to learn the importance of working for their hometown. National government cannot be involved in local problems such as agriculture, aging population, and tourism. It should be handled by local government. Though these are very difficult and troublesome, it is very important tasks to keep peaceful lives of their citizens.
Second, through such activities, students can communicate with local people. These days, young people have rare chances to listen the stories about their town. Through community-service programs, they can learn about their hometown deeply. It also profitable for local people, especially elderly people, because they can enjoy talking with youth.
Third, these programs will lead students to get interested in politics. Nowadays, more and more young people are becoming less interested in politics. In my opinion, the reason of this trend is that most youth are not interested in their surroundings. They cannot get aware of problems around them, if they are not careful in their society. So community-service programs are good way to recognize such problems seriously. They can “feel” the problems to be solved by local government. It will be very good opportunities to make them to join politics.
Community-service courses are nice chances to experience valueless activities. High school students should engage these programs.

[67] Community Service Name:Takayuki Kataoka Date:2017/11/17(金) 11:19 
I completely disagree with this idea. To require such community service to the youth is not good. Let me explain why I think so.
First, I think that basic notion of those community service is giving aid to people who want help. Most important thing is the notion of help others. So, they shouldn’t be required and students don’t have to do them necessarily. That students who have no motivation and notions of helping others join such a community service makes no credit to the students. That is just a waste of time. It is often said that students’ work is studying, and students are a little bit busy. Only students who have spare time and mind of help others should join such community service.
Second, to join the community services is sometimes treated as only requirement of entrance of university, company or promotion. For example, considering the reasons why American high school students join some volunteer group and not so many Japanese high school student, you can notice that the difference of system of entrance exam is important factor. In the U.S, the experiences of such community services are a requirement of entering the college or university. Some American students join the volunteer groups only in order to enter the college or university. They have little mind of helping others and it is obligations for them. But in Japan, those are not requirements of entrance exams. So, it is natural that few Japanese students join such a volunteer.
For those reason above, I completely disagree to join the community services.

[66] Community Service Name:Rihito Suzuki Date:2017/11/17(金) 10:10 
I completely disagree with this idea. I think it is not a realistic idea. Let me introduce the reasons why I think so.

First, many people have other things to do such as work and study because of their social and financial conditions. It may be true that community or government service can help people to gain broader view, but it does not necessarily mean that it does good to all people. For instance, if athletes must also join such service, they would have less time to practice and it would have a bad influence on them. This is an extreme example, but there are many situations like this.

Second, it is meaningless for those who are with no motivation to perform community or government service. When people are forced to perform such service, they may lose the motivation to perform it hard. Motivation is very important in doing such things. They may feel that they are not responsible for the tasks because they do it not voluntarily. It can cause many problems. Those who are eager to join such activities should perform it, but those who never want to perform them should not.

Just because performing community or government service is a good way to become broader-minded, the young should not be forced to join it. All people have a right to choose what they want to do. The government should make society in which people can do what they are interested in including community or government service, instead of forcing people to join such service.
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[65] Community Service Name:Naomitsu Nishida Date:2017/11/14(火) 22:51 
I agree with the idea that schools make their students engaged in community services. I have two reasons to support this.
First, participating in a community service is a good behavior. It can be a trigger of communication with local people and we can listen to various stories from those we don’t contact usually through it. We can contribute to society while experiencing rare experience.
Second, though community services have some positive aspects, few of us do them voluntarily. Though it is hoped that more and more people are engaged in them, many people don’t have a chance to do so. To improve such a situation, it is a good idea that schools give their students such opportunities and make them experience community services by force. Even if students are passive at first, through one forced experience, they may participate in community services voluntarily next. It is only students that can be forced to do so.
It will be true that there are some criticisms of depriving the precious time of young people. However, the proposal is not intended to bound students for a long time, so it is not so a big problem. I think, rather, if some students find the fun of participating in community services newly, the merit is greater.
In conclusion, the disadvantage of the proposal that schools require students engaged in community services is tiny and its merits are far greater. I think the idea should spread more and be more widely realized.

[64] Community Service Name:Mayu Ogisu Date:2017/11/14(火) 18:18 
I agree with this idea. It is good to participate in community service in their youth. Let me give two reasons for my agreement.

First, the population of Japan is decreasing, while the percentage of the elderly is increasing. If the situation continues, the government would not be able to run the community service. In order to solve this problem, everyone between the ages of 18 and 21 should perform one year of community or government service. Some people might say that the youth should study hard first of all. In fact, most of them are students. However, I think it is more important to contribute to society than the studies. They can return to school after participating in community service. If the government improves educational system, they can balance studies with work more easily.

Second, young people can get chances to think about their future through the experience. Most students have not decided their future jobs yet. If they work actually in their youth, the experience will be helpful when deciding occupation. They can know their own aptitude. In addition, through the community service, they might find what they really want to do. That means, a person who wanted to be an engineer might change the course and start studying to become a doctor.

As mentioned above, the suggestion has merits for both the government and young people. So I completely agree with the suggestion. If the system is introduced, I want to work at a hospital and rural school for one year.


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