BBS E, Academic English Intermediate, Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University

School of Medicine, Tuesday 4th Period, 2nd Term, 2017



[127] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFYuki Mizuno@DateF2018/01/16() 23:53@
In Japan, it is regarded as a good choice to go to a good college. Our parents and teachers tell us that many times when we are children. However, I think that it is not always the only good choice to go to a good college. I have two reasons to think so.

First, many children have a dream to become an artist, musician, sport player, writer, and so on. And some of them try hard to realize their dreams. Then, their parents and teachers often persuade them to quite their dreams and go to a good college, because adult people think of that way as the best way for their future. Of course, it is not a bad thing to go to a good college. However, if a child has a dream, their parents and teachers should help them. There are a lot of great occupations that do not need graduating from a good college.

Second, it is not true that people who graduated a good college can necessarily get a good job. Some students in an intelligent university cannot get a job have difficulty. It is more important to study hard and get a great skill during a university student than to graduate from a good college.

In conclusion, it is not bad to go to a good university. However, children and young people have the right to choose their choices. And their parents and teachers have to help them so that their dreams come true. So, I think that it is not always a good thought to go to a good university.

[126] Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFYuki Mizuno@DateF2018/01/16() 23:52@
Some people say that generalist should be emphasized over specialists. However, I disagree with this opinion. I have three reasons to think so.

First, generalists lack specific and technical knowledge in a particular case and specialists have specific and technical knowledge in the case. For example, it is difficult for a doctor to perform an operation on othersf brain because a surgery of brain is difficult and brain surgeons can only do.

Second, people say that a generalist can do something that a specialist cannot do because a generalist have a broad perspective. However, if a specialist does not have such a perspective, a lot of specialists can solve a difficult problem by meeting together and discussing. So, I think that there are not many problems that many kinds of specialists cannot do.

Finally, the same teacher teaches many kinds of subjects when children are elementary students. In my opinion, that is because people think highly of a generalist. However, I think that a specialist of each subject should teach the subject at an elementary school. The education at an elementary school is very important. Because it is the first opportunity for children to be taught many things to. In my opinion, the intellectual curiosity of children would be more stimulated if a specialist taught the subject that they are specialized in to children.

In conclusion, a specialist has a greater ability than a generalist and there are few occasions when a generalist can only solve a problem. So, I think that a specialist should be regarded as more important.

[125] Product Liability@NameFYuki Mizuno@DateF2018/01/16() 23:51@
I completely agree with Edna Hackerfs idea. In my opinion, a company should not be made to pay a financial settlement when consumers misuse its products. I have two reasons to think so.

First, I am going to argue about a possession of a product. Of course, a product belongs to the company and the company have the responsibility for it before it is bought by a consumer. And a consumer is going to have the responsibility for it once after he or she purchase it. So, in most cases, a consumer has to take responsibility when they misuse it and a serious problem occurs.

Second, let us think what is going to happen if the company takes the responsibility for a problem caused by a consumerfs misuse. In my opinion, people are going to use products in a bad way. For example, some people may intentionally use a product in the way that is prohibited in the instruction manual. Possibly, some people are going to drive wrongly and the number of traffic accidents is going to increase. The problem of passive smoking possibly is going to become more serious.

In conclusion, a company does not have to take the responsibility for the problem by a consumerfs misuse. A consumer has to take responsibility for it once after he or she buy a product. Furthermore, in, my opinion, some people are going to intentionally use a product in a bad way. So, I agree with Edna Hackerfs idea. It is better for both a company und our society.

[124] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFDaiki Ando@DateF2018/01/16() 01:07@
I met such an occasion in the university. Let me tell you about that and how I handled and now deal with the situation.

First, I describe the surrounding of me. I am a university student majoring in the medicine. My friends around me and I have made every effort to enter this university, so many of them have confidence in their wisdom. Therefore, the university classes such as the mathematics, chemistry, and physics are often seen as meaningless, and the examination of these are thought to be easy to pass. As a result, they sometimes donft attend the class or even if they participate in the lecture, they hardly take it seriously.

I have resisted such attitudes toward the university class. I disagreed with them because almost all students are permitted to take classes by paying a lot of money, and usually their parents are working very hard to earn the money and bear the costs, so I think we must appreciate our parents and should take classes as seriously as possible.

However, it is difficult for me to have my friends accept this opinion, so I have not tried to persuade them. Rather I struggle to handle this situation by showing my attitude toward the university classes. No matter what my friends are doing and tell me to do, I try to take all the classes seriously. I hope my friendsf attitude will change, and this attitude will spread all over the medical students of the same grade by seeing this.

[123] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFRihito Suzuki@DateF2018/01/15() 23:25@
When I was in high school, I felt that the idea some of my classmates had was not good. They seemed to think being a little late did not matter and were often late for school. They often arrived more than 10 minutes late. I do not like this way of thinking and behaving. Let me give the reasons why I think so and how I think of this idea.

First, I feel these people think light of their teachers and the classes. Otherwise, they would not be delayed so many times. I also think being often late is rude to their teachers. Although it is true that 10 minutes is a short period of time, what is important is the fact that they are often late.

Second, being not punctual can lead to loss of credit. This can irritate those who are around them and give a bad impression. As a result, they may lose credit. Being punctual is not only those who are around them, but also themselves.

Of course, it is impossible to be always on time. The cause to be late may vary: mistaken ideas, traffic jams, oversleeping and forgetting. Since we are not perfect, being late itself cannot be avoided. In order not to give the impression that you are rude and lazy, however, I think that what is important is to try not to be late as much as you can. I would like to be careful not to be late so many times. (250 words)

[122] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@@NameFHiroki Matsubara@DateF2018/01/14() 22:59@
Many people say that it is most important for high school students to study hard to enter better university. Of course, it is very important thing, but I think there are more important things that only high school students can do or experience.
When I was a high school student, I was a member of rowing club. I loved boat so much that I practiced it very hard and enjoyed it with my friends. The club was famous for one of the hardest club in my high school, so I practiced it until late and cannot study. Because of this, the results of tests were bad. Teachers said to me gyou must study harder, or you will fail the entrance exam.h However, because I thought that I can row hard only now and can study after the club finished, I continued rowing. As a result of my practice, I could be in the National Athletic Competition with my friends and win the race. After that, teachers congratulated me. These are my precious memories.
Indeed, I failed the entrance exam, but I donft feel regret. If I quitted the club and enter the university, I must feel regret. My parents always said to me gYou must do something that you can do it only the time.h If you want to do something, but other people object your choice, you should stick to your beliefs. If you do this, other people accept your decision and praise you finally. Sticking to your beliefs is the most important thig.

[121] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFYURI Ishizu MAIL@DateF2018/01/13(y) 19:05@
Most people may have an idea that you should have as many friends as you can. Though I agree that having friends is very important to make my life more pleasant, I donft think that I must have a lot of friends. Now I will explain the reasons.
First, as the number of your friends increases, the time you can spend for each friend will decrease. That makes it difficult to talk seriously with him or her. Also, you may get tired of communicating with such many people. Several men have several ideas, so you have to pay attention for each friend so that you will not talk about theme that he or she donft like.
Second, you also care about the relationship between your friends because some of them may be on bad terms with each other. You must worry how to get along with them carefully to avoid troubles of them. It is very troublesome.
Third, making an effort to a number of friends is not natural. To begin with, we make friends because you can get along with him or her. It is not the aim to make glots of friendsh. The real object must be to make comfortable relationship with people around you.
If you try to make many friend, though you really think that you donft want such many friends, you will just get tired because you have to mind too much. You had better make friendship with people you can relax when you talk with them.

[120] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFKanako Masubuchi MAIL@DateF2018/01/11() 21:48@
I want to be a specialist in forensic medicine in the future. However, many medical students or medical doctors do not think so because salary of specialist in forensic medicine is lower than that of medical doctors, and its work may make people uncomfortable. I have started actions in order to realize my dream and have reasons why I work hard with the aim of becoming a specialist in forensic medicine.
First, let me explain what now I do for my dream. Because the number of students who want to study forensic medicine is small, so we can not take the lesson of forensic medicine enough at Nagoya university. Now I go to the laboratory of forensic medicine and study by reading reports and attend judicial autopsies. Although many of my friends say gIsnft it unearthly?h, I really enjoy them.
Second, I will talk about the reasons why I want to be such a doctor. These days, about one million people die in one year in Japan and 170 thousands are suspicious death. However, in Japan, 90 of these death are not figured out. I heard this issue when I was in a high school, and I decided to be a specialist in forensic medicine. It is one cause of this issue that many doctors do not want to do such autopsies. To be a specialist in autopsies is not popular viewpoint, but somebody has to do it, and I will do it.
In medical department, there are few people who want to study forensic medicine. It is not popular viewpoint so I have to get the chance to study it myself.

[119] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFMayu Ogisu@DateF2018/01/11() 15:48@
These days some people tend to think that learning science and mathematics is greater than learning humanities, which includes literature and history. I think it is wrong. Let me introduce my opinion about this problem.

In the first place, why do people think so? It is probably because the result of humanities research is hard to see with our eyes. On the other hand, we can always find scientific technology such as trains, computers, medicine and so on. We can no longer live without science and indeed we should appreciate scientists. In addition, science and mathematics have only one answer, but the humanities donft have one particular answer. The ideas of literature and history are different from expert to expert. Ordinary people canft understand the goal of the research and they underestimate it. This is why the tendency to put more emphasis on science than the humanities has increased, I think.

Is really science more difficult and important than the humanities as some people think? Absolutely not. Without the humanities, the law system would not exist and the nation could not be established. Without the humanities, we could not understand the mentality and communicate with others very well. Both science and humanities are equally important and contribute to our life.

Ifm a student of medical school. Medicine is science, but doctors must have communication skill. Those who have only medical skill cannot be doctors. Patients who learnt humanities also come to diagnosis. In order to understand the feelings of patients, doctors have to know many things. I want to be a doctor who has both medical skill and knowledge of humanities.

[118] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFTakayuki Kataoka@DateF2018/01/10() 10:34@
These days, in Japan, gthe early education of Englishh is thought to be very important in most people. Many parents are willing to make their children enter the English school or international school since their children are still very young. I think it is not good idea. Let me explain about it.

I have two reasons to support my idea. First reason is that it is too difficult for children to learn two languages. They havenft learned Japanese, their native language yet. So, their thinking language, which is used when they think, may be mixed. That make children confused and they canft think correctly and smart. I think that children should learn only their native language first and they should start learning second language if they master most of native language.

Second reason is that there are many other things to do when children are very young. I think it is true that childhood is so important time in the life, but what children have to do is not learning English. There are more important things. I think what children should do is acquiring the basic things which lead more higher ability. For example, playing puzzle game or playing in the ground and so on. Those things give them basic ability of deep thinking or exercising and communication ability. Once they get those basic ability, they can learn second language soon when they grow up.

For two reasons I raised above, I think that early education of English is not good. If I become parent, I wouldnft do it. (259words)


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