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School of Medicine, Tuesday 4th Period, 2nd Term, 2017



[138] resisting a popular viewpoint@NameFcq@DateF2018/02/19() 06:47@
I feel that opinion differs from everyone about brand-name clothes and so on. For me, clothes are those that emphasize functionality, and despite being very high priced there, I can not understand much that purchasing it. In the present age many shops of various clothes stand side by side, there are various kinds about designs, I think that there is not much need to put in a lot of wealth to become fashionable. In addition, most brands are not only high material costs but their brand names are attached, so the price is only high. I do not know the meaning that sticks to brands so far. I am certainly a functionalist, but even if it is not, I do not know much about why people stick to this name. I think that they are equal to buying a name. Moreover, I think that it is not very impressive to consolidate personal belongings with brand name. Even if you see a person who is actually brand-name and consolidating personal belongings, it feels like money deposition. However, although I can not understand the brand thing indeed, I think that it is right to wear clothes that fit my style as my age goes up. As a result there is no point in getting more brands. In short it is understandable that what I want to buy happens to be a brand and I can understand it, but because it is a brand, it means that I can not understand the idea of purchasing that product. In my opinion it is not sticking to brands in such a sense.

[137] generalist vs specialist@NameFcq@DateF2018/02/19() 06:26@
I quite agree with this opinion. In modern society, various industries newly occur, specialization exists in each field. In other words, modern society has a clear division of roles among people more than before. However I think that the situation that there are only experts in the world like this is not very favorable. They think that they have a very knowledge for one field and think that they can make correct judgment only for that field but that they have incorrect knowledge because they do not have much knowledge about other fields I think there are many. If there are only such people, people will stick to only their own field, exclusion of other fields, and as a result the society will be divided finely. However, since generalists have knowledge about various fields, thinking is not biased, I think that we can make more accurate judgment. But, of course, I think that it is not very popular that the general world consists only of generalists. After all, the experts have a lot of power to the field, and I think that the power is the driving force for moving the society to a new direction further. So I think that it is most preferable that both sides exist in a well-balanced manner, experts deepen their knowledge more and more in their respective fields, and that the generalist people collect opinions and prevent social division. However, I think that training of generalists leading to various fields is not as easy as training specialists, so I think that it is important that school education does not divide the field too much expertly.

[136] product liability@NameFcq@DateF2018/02/19() 06:06@
I am negative in her analysis. Because I think her theory is too extreme and I see things only from one side. I think that the problems of cigarettes and the problems of automobiles and mobile phones are fundamentally different in nature. For automobiles and mobile phones, she only talks about that problem, but in reality these devices have the convenience of greatly changing human society, and now human society can not be considered without them. The problem of cars and mobile phones mentioned by her is just a kind of byproduct attached to these conveniences. On the other hand, the problems of cigarettes are quite different from those products. Tobacco itself is never directly linked to the convenience of people's lives. Not only is tobacco itself not useful for people's lives, but tobacco eats the body of the person who smokes it, even people who are near the smoker and who have smoked suffer health damage . I believe that cigarettes are almost like drugs and that such measures are taken against tobacco companies is similar to the way narcotics are prohibited from using them in various countries . So her analysis does not capture the problems of the object, I think that her theory has many defects. So I am in favor of the fact that regulations on tobacco are becoming increasingly strong like in modern times, and in the future it is desirable that tobacco sales itself be prohibited in the future. For the above reasons I am extremely negative to her opinion.

[135] community services@NameFcq@DateF2018/02/18() 23:54@
I fully agree with this opinion. I think that it is very good for students to contribute to the community they belong through such as volunteers. Community service is very important in human society. Because human society is a complex of local society rooted in each region, in short, community is a component of human society. So, as a matter of course, I think that revitalizing the community will become indispensable for human society to function well.
And, in order for the local community to be revitalized, it is important for the residents themselves to work for the local community with a solid understanding of the positioning of the local community. So this community service is a very good experience for students to learn the importance of contribution to the community through which they can learn how to actually contribute. I have also participated in the local cleaning event, but I remember having a sense of accomplishment that I could not say even though I was not directly paid by the event. In the present age, it has become easier to exchange with people far away by the Internet, but it seems like there is a tendency for people's recognition of local communities to be diminished behind them, so to these communities It is a wonderful thing to learn the importance of the service of. However, as there is not much compulsion participation of such events at school at present, there is not much participation, it is good that some school adopts this system and the service to the community will be increasingly done I think.

[134] fabs and trends@NameFcq@DateF2018/02/18() 23:54@
I am not very good at SNS tools called Twitter. Twitter is an application that people can share with other Twitter users by posting about their usual life etc. I believe that Twitter is accepted not only by a lot of young people but also by elderly people, perhaps being able to know the daily lives of people who can not be involved much in everyday life as they usually do I think that it is at a point. I also know about people around me when I am at school or work, but I do not think that people's daily life can be totally unexpected. The daily life of such people can also be known by the tool called Twitter. I think that this function is very interesting about this function, and also understands why it is in fashion. But I am not good at this tool. For some reason, the daily life of people peeking through Twitter is not necessarily consistent with reality. Twitter can post pieces of life as you like, so you can manipulate the impression on yourself by cutting out and posting only certain parts. So it is highly possible that the person's life that people see through Twitter is fictional. I do not like this deceived feeling very much, I do not like this tool too much. I believe that the function of the application itself as Twitter is very attractive, so I think if it is possible for users to use while seeing the truth, it is very good.

[133] modern conveniences@NameFcq@DateF2018/02/18() 23:52@
I think that these machines have become more convenient in our daily life than before, but I think there are many problems caused by their appearance. Certainly this machine is very useful in our everyday life and I think that modern people can save a lot of time by doing this. Actually, if people in the past do not have a modern machine, I think that it will understand what kind of life it was in. For example, considering transportation and the like, there were cars and trains in the past, but the functions are remarkably inferior to those of modern times, and only by overwhelming shortening of travel time due to the development of the Shinkansen and planes in modern times Not long distance travel has also become very easy. Besides, until now, information sharing has been done using documents, which took quite a while and there was also a difficulty in the accuracy of the information. However, with the spread of the Internet in modern times, it became possible to obtain information of countries around the world quickly, and moreover information transmission was done more accurately than before. However, these problems are that few of these machines take care of the environment, and that these spreads are equal to the progress of destruction of nature. Also, these new technologies are not necessarily used in the right way, and sometimes they can be applied to war, etc. and cause a crisis to human society. We have to think about how to use these machines, considering both of these advantages and disadvantages.

[132] Fads and Trends@NameFNaomitsu Nishida@DateF2018/02/18() 18:12@
I dislike the tendency to regard ginstabaeh as a good thing. gInstabaeh is to send pictures of our private life through an application, instagram, to our followers.

It is true that through instagram, we can communicate. We can tell our friends what we are doing and know what our friends are doing easily. However, is it really necessary? I have two reasons why I dislike the thought of ginstabaeh.

First, I cannot understand the necessity to make an appeal of our own private life. When we go on a trip or eat something delicious in a fashionable cafe, we donft have to post photos on the Internet, and we only have to enjoy the experience. Canft we fully enjoy the place by sending the pictures to people who are not present there? Happy memories are tasted on the spot, and enjoy many times by talking to our friends later.

Second, concentrating on ginstabaeh too much leads us to care about peoplefs eyes too much. Instagram is originally aimed to send our private life and get glikeh to the photos from our followers. That is to meet our self-approval greed and we ask our followers our approval. If this situation continues, we cannot have confidence without approval from others. This situation has to be avoided.

In conclusion, I dislike the thought of ginstabaeh. I think we should deepen the connection between people through real conversations, not through on the Internet.

[131] Resisting a Popular Viewpoint@NameFNaomitsu Nishida@DateF2018/02/18() 17:04@
In Japan, there is a tendency that taking a good score in their school days and entering a famous university with high deviation value. Parents are keen to make their children study. However, I disagree with this trend.

It is because what people want to be in future depends on individual values and is not related to the tide of the opinion of the public. If you want to be a doctor, you have to enter a medical department with high deviation value, but if you want to be a carpenter or a sport player, you donft even have to proceed to university. It is strange to aim for a good university regardless of what you want to be. Actually, though I am a medical student, I cannot say with confidence that I really want to be a doctor. I had other professions I wanted to be, but I chose a medical department according to the society without thinking deeply. However, after I actually became a medical student, the motivation for medical studies doesnft rise and I often think I want to be other professions such as a lawyer and a driver, which Ifm not required to be highly educated.

Though what kind of occupation one will take in the future is a lifetime of problem, the income and status of the position rather than onefs will are emphasized in the determination of it. We are easy to take the world trend, because we are children when we determine our jobs. Our will should be more focused on when we think of our future.

[130] Product Liability@NameFNaomitsu Nishida@DateF2018/02/18() 15:14@
Hackerfs argument is, in short, problems caused by using a product is not its manufacturerfs but its userfs responsibility, so it is not reasonable for tobacco companies to pay a financial settlement to several states. I do not agree with her opinion.
First, I will discuss whether not only the user but also the manufacturer should be responsible for troubles caused by a product. It is true that users have to use a tool safely for the intended purpose of it, but misuses are not problems of the users alone. Makers have to think of any adverse effects and misuses that can happen if the goods prevail and reduce them, before selling them. Therefore, producers are also responsible for troubles.
On the other hand, though it is possible to reduce risk, it is impossible to eliminate danger completely. After making some measures, users have to follow their good sense and common sense. It is unreasonable to ask manufactures to take responses to that extent.
However, as to tobacco, however regularly smokers follow manners, it is inevitable to harm not only their health, but also surrounding people. Thus, we cannot discuss in the same way as mobile phones and cars, with which we donft cause accidents if we obey manners. If they sell such things that are sure to harm, it is reasonable for tobacco companies to make some compensation, and it is also valid to use money as a means.
In conclusion, I donft agree with Hackerfs statement and I agree with the idea that tobacco companies pay a financial settlement.

[129] Generalists vs. Specialists@NameFNaomitsu Nishida@DateF2018/02/18() 14:52@
I think that not only specialists but also generalists should be equally valued. I will describe two reasons why I think so.

First, both being a specialist and being a generalist require extraordinary effort. Studying deeply in a field and knowing enough about various fields are the same in that they require much effort in the process, though the results are different. We cannot judge onefs effort from whether he is a specialist or a generalist.
Second, in terms of the contribution to society, both specialists and generalists cannot contribute to society enough by itself. When applying a research or outcome to a scene of a society, specialists alone donft know how to apply the outcome and generalists alone may not get enough results. In other words, both of them cannot make good use of their achievements by itself.
From the above, I think that the relationship in which both specialists and generalists cooperate and depend on each other is the best. For example, a specialist achieves a result, and a generalist plans how to apply it to society. Conversely, to realize a vision a generalist come up with, a specialist study. We would get practical achievement by doing so. In that point, we cannot decide which specialists or generalists are better.
In conclusion, I think both specialists and generalists should be appreciated rather than put superiority or inferiority between them, and it is important for both of them to cooperate toward one common goal of making our society better.


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